OCR Racer | Spartan Lover | Fibromyalgia Warrior

Emma (@fibromyalgia_spartan_): “I’ve suffered with Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia for 8 years now and have been running OCR Races for 5. Despite the fact that it requires much more effort [for me] to complete than the average person, I continue to push my limits and further my achievements. I am currently training for a spartan ultra, which is a 50km obstacle race.

“I discovered after an active gap year that although I was doing a physical job everyday I felt much better that whole year than I had since my diagnosis, so I continued to pursue an active lifestyle. Having goals to work to (such as Spartan Races) gives me motivation to go out and run or go to the gym, even sometimes on days I don’t feel much like going.”

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