4. Lifting Up Others (and Barbells) while Undiagnosed – Dr. Marcia Darbouze

Dr. Marcia Darbouze is a physical therapist, a powerlifting Strongwoman, and a chronic illness warrior. On her blog, in her social media channels, and at her home gym, Marcia leads by example as she shares her own story and helps others work on their strength and mobility. We are proud that Marcia is part of the Chronically Badass community.

Marcia: Chronic Illness Warrior | Powerlifting Strongwoman | Entrepreneur

When we featured Marcia on our Instagram and Facebook accounts, she owned the fact that she was undiagnosed. During the podcast, she shares with us the challenges that come with moving forward without a label for the collection of symptoms she experiences, as well as some advice for getting care without an overarching diagnosis. Something that has been especially helpful to her is talking with other chronic illness warriors about their health struggles, which allows her to have additional data points when she searches for medical articles that pertain to a given symptom of hers.

During our conversation, Marcia also shares her advice for getting started in weightlifting and strength training. She emphasizes the importance of keeping a training log and going to the gym with a fitness professional or, at least, an honest workout partner. Marcia also shares her recommendations for recovery, explaining that it’s much more about taking time to warm up and cool down than it is about gimmicky recovery devices.

We wrap up our conversation with an honest discussion of the state of diversity and the importance of inclusivity in the fitness world. Marcia advocates for a “safe place to get strong” for everyone, including people of color, the LGBTQ community, and disabled people.

If you’d like to connect with Marcia online, you can find her on Instagram as @thatdoc.marcia.

Links from our conversation:

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Podcast music by: Caleb Ritchie

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