Adam Fleisher

Physically Challenged Athlete | Mainstream Sports Participant | Ultramarathon Junkie

“What makes me a Badass? Imagine overcoming a major medical issue to become a runner. No try two, and how about three. At 13, I started experiencing knee issues. At 14, I was told I would never run in my lifetime. After 8 operations, both knees being replaced and revised, and waiting 30 plus years, I started to run. Seven years later I went through, and still dealing with, other medical conditions. I was diagnosed with Barrett’s esophagus and Crohn’s disease. During this time I have run 34 half marathons in one year, ran and walked 5228 miles in another year, ran up Loon Mountain, Mount Greylock, and started running ultras. This year I ran my first 50-mile race and a month later I ran my first 100k.

“Do not let a medical condition(s) define who you are. When possible be active, eat healthy, hydrate, practice mindfulness, and remain positive. Run, walk, or do whatever to keep moving.”

Instagram: @adam_fleisher

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