Imei Hsu

World Traveler | Endurance Athlete | Autoimmune Warrior

“Training for Ironman races and ultramarathons allows me to go long at a less intense speed, which happens to keep my body pretty happy. The demands of training don’t give much wiggle room for mistakes, so I’m really careful with eating clean food I make myself, getting plenty of sleep, and reducing stress.

“I enjoy swimming, biking, running, and cross training with hiking, snowshoeing, and snowboarding enough that I have to prioritize my time around these activities. When they are programmed in, I don’t skimp on myself, whether that means getting massages and other supportive medical care, or taking probiotics and supplements.

“My advice to other Badasses is to always remember to have fun! You don’t have to ‘kill it’ every time you’re out there. Take the time to enjoy the moment, snap that photo that will later inspire you to never give up, and recall what a privilege it is to do what you do.”

Instagram: @myallergyadvocate

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