Jennifer Harmon

Endurance Lover | Kitchen Dancer | EDS/POTS/MCAD Warrior

“This is my medicine.

“Being active has given me back my life. I live with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Dysautonomia and Mast Cell Activation Disorder. Without significant physical activity to build and maintain muscle to help compensate for my weak tendons and ligaments, I begin to experience more frequent dislocations of both large and small joints without provocation. Significant physical activity also helps to regulate the cardiovascular impacts of EDS, which, for me, often manifest as autonomic dysfunction (when the autonomic portion of your central nervous system that controls basic functions like heartbeat, breathing and digestion does not work as it should).

“My advice for other Badasses: one step at a time. Don’t compare to yesterday or think about tomorrow. Take one step. If you can’t walk, roll. Be flexible in what that step looks like, but make sure you take it. Whatever that step is for you in that moment, push for it. Some days that step may be canceling plans and resting to care for yourself. Other days it may be a marathon. Just don’t give up. Be willing to find a new normal and embrace it for whatever it looks like.”

Instagram: @alwaystrijenn

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