Lauren Breland

Lupus Warrior | Super Yogi Runner | Aspiring Calisthenics Queen

“Every day I have 2 choices: either lay in the bed and wallow at life’s complications or get my ass up and defy the odds. I choose to defy the odds by running marathons, practicing as well as teaching yoga, and completing intense body weight workouts and calisthenics challenges. Of course there are some days where the pain prevents me from say…running 10 miles that morning or completing multiple rounds of burpees, but on those days I remind myself it’s ok to take it easy and walk or hop on the elliptical. I will never forget after my diagnosis with lupus a friend said to me ’maybe you should stop running?’ I looked back at her and said ‘see if that happens.’

“Being active is not only good for the body, but it’s a natural antidepressant as well. As a person with lupus, I already am on a diet of multiple pills every day. Why would I ever want to add more? My workouts keep my mind in check when lupus seeks to launch an attack, and runner’s high is real! Yoga helps to keep me strong and limber to battle those big bouts of inflammation. If I stop being active, it’s only a couple days before I feel sad, achy and lethargic.”

Instagram: @chempossible007

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