Lexee Westcott

Power Tumbler | Runner | POTS Warrior

“I start my own I.V. Infusions three times a week and maintain a peripheral I.V. line when necessary to combat severe P.O.T.S. symptoms. I have an internal heart monitor (loop recorder). I take anywhere from 2-7 medications (prescription and OTC) daily that work to keep my thyroid running, my blood pressure stable, nausea and vertigo at bay.

“Being active helped manage my chronic conditions by being the framework that my treatment plan was built around. I start/stop/ maintain I.V. fluids based on my symptoms and training. With me having P.O.T.S. staying in one position too long can become symptomatic. Gymnastics and running keep my body moving, blood flowing and blackout/fainting spells down!

“My advice to other chronic sufferers is to focus on what is going to be best for YOU! My treatment plan is completely unique to me and although not conventional it is effective. So when you see some woman running around in compression gear and with an I.V. in her arm just know she’s trying to live her best life.”

Instagram: @aawestcott

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