Scott Martin

Optimist | Ultrarunner | AS Crusher

“I wake up early every morning, stiff and in pain from Ankylosing Spondylitis, and every morning I get up and exercise because I know I’ll feel better. I honestly don’t see that I have an option besides more pain—lots of it. I know, because that’s what happened over and over in the past when I didn’t know what was happening and I didn’t exercise enough. The better I eat and the more I move, the better I feel, so I eat well and move a lot, usually hitting at least 15 hours of exercise a week. It’s treatment for AS and also training for my ultrarunning hobby.

“I do the hardest races I can find and sometimes create my own challenges that are usually a long, steep and unsupported run in the mountains. Ironically, AS has made me a much better runner since my training is much more consistent and higher volume to crush the inflammation of AS. Extreme diet, extreme exercise, extreme results.

“Food is medicine. Exercise is medicine. Eat as well as you can and move as much as you can. Be consistent, do what you can during tough times, and don’t give up!”

Instagram: @cavemanrunsmts

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