Chronically Badass is a grassroots movement dedicated to connecting, supporting, and inspiring invisible illness warriors in their athletic and fitness pursuits.

Brielle: RA Warrior | Aspiring Marathoner | Boy Mom

We believe in the power of community, and we aim to create a network so that we may benefit from our collective experiences, enabling each of us to reach our own athletic goals, whether that includes completing a 5K or marathon, competing in a triathlon, crushing cross-fit, or walking/rolling around the neighborhood.

We understand the tightrope act that is exercising for physical/mental/emotional health (and, often, to alleviate symptoms) while avoiding exacerbating chronic and/or autoimmune conditions by pushing just a little too far.

By interviewing active spoonies and researchers, we will collect information from the frontlines and disseminate it to the community through our podcast and social media channels. We also endeavor to maintain a directory of resources available for chronic illness warrior-athletes, from mentors and coaches to condition-specific recommendations and training protocols.

It is our fervent hope that the future’s chronic illness warriors will see our example and, rather than feeling alone and hopeless, will be informed and empowered.

-Kris Grenier, founder

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