Jack: Registered Nurse + Paramedic | Athlete | Type 1 Diabetic

A few decades ago, exercising with diabetes was considered reckless. Now, we understand that movement can play a crucial role in the management of blood sugar. Badasses with diabetes are showing the world that their condition requires a bit of plate-spinning but doesn’t hold them back from their athletic goals.

There are so many wonderful online resources for diabetic athletes.

  • Type One Run is a grassroots organization that supports type 1 diabetics and spreads awareness through running. The community they’ve built on social media is a tremendous resource.
  • Diabetes Sports Project supports and inspires type 1 and type 2 diabetics to lead active lives. Their world-class athletes have years of experience in diabetes management.
  • Team Novo Nordisk is a world-class cycling team comprised solely of type 1 diabetics. Check out their website for inspiration and tips for staying active with diabetes.
Jean-Sebastien: Bearded Runner | Ultra-Trail Runner | Type 1 Diabetic

Eric Dutcher, a Badass with Type 1 Diabetes, is collaborating with the Diabetes Sports Project and Tough Mudder to create Project MUD, which stands for “More Unstoppable Diabetes.” Eric is hoping to bring an all-diabetics team to the World’s Toughest Mudder in November. To get involved with Project MUD, check out this page.

Jack Davies, a Badass with Type 1 Diabetes, is an online run coach with Run2PB. You can also find him on Instagram as @type1jack.

The Type One Run Podcast (formerly the Diabetic Running Podcast) is hosted by type 1 diabetic and ultramarathoner Jon Foti. On the podcast, he and his guests explore the complicated interplay between exercise and blood sugar.

Missy: Marathoner | Dog Mom | Type 1 Diabetic/Hashimoto’s Warrior

Diabetic Badasses often consider hydration packs and/or waist packs to be essential pieces of gear, as they can be used to carry glucose tablets and testing supplies. We’re working to acquire a discount code to share with the community.

If you are a diaBadass, we’d love to learn what works for you! Please feel free to email resources@chronicallybadass.org with your fitness tips and diabetes hacks.

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