Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

EDS is associated with joint instability, decreased proprioception, muscle weakness, and decreased endurance–but all of these factors can be improved with exercise.

Jenn: Endurance Lover | Kitchen Dancer | EDS/POTS/MCAD Warrior

In 2015, the Ehlers-Danlos Society hosted “Intelligent Exercise — How You Can Take Control with EDS,” a comprehensive webinar still available on their website. The hour-long presentation explores relevant concepts in exercise physiology and suggests specific stability exercises for patients.

Many active spoonies know the benefits of developing a well-thought out exercise program (or carrying out one developed by a physical therapist), and EDS Badasses would likewise benefit. The general PT consensus is that patients should start with low-impact exercises until they have the muscular strength and stability to handle more demanding exercises.

Chelle: Runner | Fighter | hEDS Survivor

In “Living Life to the Fullest with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome,” Kevin Muldowney, PT, outlines a two-phase physical therapy program. The first phase involves getting the EDS warrior to the point that they can go through daily life without subluxations or increased pain. Then, the second phase takes patients through progressive activities in twisting, dynamic balance, and throwing. To learn more about Muldowney’s book and protocol, you can watch his free webinar.

As a final note, many EDS patients moonlight as dysautonomia warriors. You might want to check out our dysautonomia resources for more information.

If you are a Badass zebra, we’d love to learn what works for you! Please feel free to email with your fitness tips and EDS hacks.

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