One of the aims of Chronically Badass is to maintain a directory of resources for active Badasses with a variety of chronic conditions. In the linked pages, you’ll find training protocols, contact information for coaches, and coupon codes for supplies. We hope you’ll find them helpful!

As you learn what works for you, we welcome you to add to the relevant page(s). Simply send an email with your training advice and resources to, and we’ll add your tips to our text. Future spoonie athletes will thank you!

Lis: Half-Marathoner | Toddler Mummy | Autoimmune Hepatitis Fighter

Similarly, we know that our list of chronic conditions is by no means complete; these are the conditions those in the Chronically Badass Club have more experience with. If you would like to recommend the addition of resources for another condition, please let us know, and we’ll focus our research efforts accordingly.

And, finally, a disclaimer: The information on this website is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition but, rather, to let you know what others have found helpful. We hope that you might take some information you find at Chronically Badass to your next doctor’s appointment to talk about your fitness program.

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