15. Arctic Trek to Challenge MS – Scott McPhillimy

Badass Scott McPhillimy just returned from the adventure of a lifetime, a three-day trek in the Arctic Circle to benefit the MS Society. A multiple sclerosis warrior himself, Scott describes how he works with his condition while training, and he shares highlights and details from his trek.

13. Pole Fitness and Self-Love with Fibromyalgia – Kat Stokes

Badass Kat Stokes is an engineer, a pole fitness enthusiast, and a fibromyalgia warrior. Kat shares her chronic illness story and her introduction to pole, discusses the role of fitness in her mental health, and describes her practice of self-acceptance.

12. Running a Post-Diagnosis 5K – Clarissa Reynolds

Clarissa Reynolds is a personal trainer and autoimmune warrior with lupus and Sjogren’s. She shares her experiences as a chronically ill fitness professional and mother, describes the exercise video series she’s created, and reflects on her first 5K since diagnosis.

11. Riding the Autoimmune Condition Rollercoaster – Jennie Maurer

Jennie Maurer, who has a master’s in kinesiology, a passion for personal training, and a history of autoimmune hepatitis and Graves’ disease, shares her story and advice for managing stress and getting back into fitness after a flare.

10. Striving for Holistic Wellness with Chronic Illness – Dr. Patricia Stott

Health and wellness practitioner Dr. Patricia Stott shares her knowledge about movement science, her philosophy of exercise grounded in self-love and body-respect, and her experiences as a hEDS, MCAS, and POTS warrior.

4. Lifting Up Others (and Barbells) while Undiagnosed – Dr. Marcia Darbouze

Chronic illness warrior Dr. Marcia Darbouze speaks with us about her own medical and athletic Badassery, as well as powerlifting and Strongman competitions, how to get started in strength training, advice for recovery, and inclusivity in the fitness world.