5. Globetrotting for Triathlon with Chronic EBV/Lyme Disease – Jasmine Moezzi

Jasmine Moezzi, a triathlete, world traveler, and Badass with chronic Epstein Barr virus and Lyme disease, reflects on her diagnostic journey, training and coaching, travels, races, and goals for the future.

3. Dreaming Big with Cystic Fibrosis – Sophie Grace Holmes

Sophie Grace Holmes, an endurance athlete, adventurer, and Badass with cystic fibrosis, shares details about her mountain treks and recent bike ride across Britain, along with her goal setting philosophy.

2. Being a Lifelong Athlete with Multiple Sclerosis – Bill Sinak

Bill Sinak, a 24-time marathoner and 26-year BikeMSer, talks with us about the endurance adventures he’s enjoyed in the decades since his multiple sclerosis diagnosis.