16. Marathons, Medical School, and Type 1 Diabetes – Dr. Jordan Hoese

Dr. Jordan Hoese ran her first marathon at age 14, two years after being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. In the time since then, she’s run six other marathons and graduated from medical school. She shares her experiences as a patient and a physician.

12. Running a Post-Diagnosis 5K – Clarissa Reynolds

Clarissa Reynolds is a personal trainer and autoimmune warrior with lupus and Sjogren’s. She shares her experiences as a chronically ill fitness professional and mother, describes the exercise video series she’s created, and reflects on her first 5K since diagnosis.

11. Riding the Autoimmune Condition Rollercoaster – Jennie Maurer

Jennie Maurer, who has a master’s in kinesiology, a passion for personal training, and a history of autoimmune hepatitis and Graves’ disease, shares her story and advice for managing stress and getting back into fitness after a flare.

10. Striving for Holistic Wellness with Chronic Illness – Dr. Patricia Stott

Health and wellness practitioner Dr. Patricia Stott shares her knowledge about movement science, her philosophy of exercise grounded in self-love and body-respect, and her experiences as a hEDS, MCAS, and POTS warrior.

9. Becoming Unstoppable with Type 1 Diabetes – Eric Dutcher

The ever-inspiring chronic superhuman Eric Dutcher just returned with Team M.U.D. (More Unstoppable Diabetics) from the World’s Toughest Mudder. He shares his experiences in obstacle course racing, as well as his own chronic illness obstacles.

6. Completing a First Marathon with Colitis – Liz Russell

Liz Russell, a Badass with ulcerative colitis and trigeminal neuralgia, shares her Marine Corps Marathon successes and challenges, from training and nutrition to race day itself.

5. Globetrotting for Triathlon with Chronic EBV/Lyme Disease – Jasmine Moezzi

Jasmine Moezzi, a triathlete, world traveler, and Badass with chronic Epstein Barr virus and Lyme disease, reflects on her diagnostic journey, training and coaching, travels, races, and goals for the future.

2. Being a Lifelong Athlete with Multiple Sclerosis – Bill Sinak

Bill Sinak, a 24-time marathoner and 26-year BikeMSer, talks with us about the endurance adventures he’s enjoyed in the decades since his multiple sclerosis diagnosis.

1. Ramping Up to a Half-Marathon with Rheumatoid Arthritis – Emma Pond

Emma Pond, a British Badass with rheumatoid arthritis, a love of trail running, and an upcoming half-marathon, shares her story on our very first podcast episode.