7. Nutritional Interventions for Chronic Illness – Kammie McClintock

Kammie McClintock, a yoga instructor, nutritional therapy practitioner, and Badass with Crohn’s and Sjogren’s, shares her experiences with conventional and functional medicine, her nutritional training, and the interventions that have improved her health.

6. Completing a First Marathon with Colitis – Liz Russell

Liz Russell, a Badass with ulcerative colitis and trigeminal neuralgia, shares her Marine Corps Marathon successes and challenges, from training and nutrition to race day itself.

4. Lifting Up Others (and Barbells) while Undiagnosed – Dr. Marcia Darbouze

Chronic illness warrior Dr. Marcia Darbouze speaks with us about her own medical and athletic Badassery, as well as powerlifting and Strongman competitions, how to get started in strength training, advice for recovery, and inclusivity in the fitness world.

2. Being a Lifelong Athlete with Multiple Sclerosis – Bill Sinak

Bill Sinak, a 24-time marathoner and 26-year BikeMSer, talks with us about the endurance adventures he’s enjoyed in the decades since his multiple sclerosis diagnosis.

1. Ramping Up to a Half-Marathon with Rheumatoid Arthritis – Emma Pond

Emma Pond, a British Badass with rheumatoid arthritis, a love of trail running, and an upcoming half-marathon, shares her story on our very first podcast episode.